It was a sunny morning in Newtown, Connecticut. It’s Friday, the last day of school before the weekend. Mother’s are waking their children to get ready for school. Maybe as they ate breakfast they discussed happy plans for the weekend. The Moms and Dads kissed and hugged their kiddies and sent them off to school…. (more)

This man describes a REAL president.

This is a good read. It’s only 15 minutes or so long. Well worth the time.

Babies are not expendable.

Babies are not expendable. I believe babies are human beings from the moment of conception. The words, “unwanted baby”, chill me to the bone. Some argue that they don’t have the financial ability to raise a child, some argue that a baby will cause hardships on families. In my opinion those are false and feeble… (more)

I’m back!

After a couple years of non-posting I am back. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Your mortgage is paid off. Do you think you own your home?

Maybe 30 years ago a couple realized the American dream by purchasing a home for their family.  After years of working hard and making sure all payments were made in a timely manner and keeping the home in good repair they  finally paid off the mortgage.  Do they now own their home free and clear? … (more)

AIT Graduation

I recently attended my Grandson’s graduation from AIT at Fort Hachaucha, Arizona.  As the young men and women marched across the stage to receive their diplomas, my thought was that soon some of these fresh faced and dedicated youngsters will soon be in harms way.  Some of them already had their orders.  Each and every… (more)

The Weiner Saga

When I heard Weiner was having a press conference I thought he had decided to do the right thing and resign his post.  Wrong!!  While sniffing and snuffeling and wiping tears from his eyes, he admitted to having done wrong.  He apologized to his family, friends, wife and constituents.  He admitted to doing some very… (more)

Hello world!

After reading sayanything for as long as it has been in existence I figured it was time I got my own reader blog.  So look out you people who read and post on  sayanythingblog , here I come!!

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