Babies are not expendable.

Babies are not expendable. I believe babies are human beings from the moment of conception. The words, “unwanted baby”, chill me to the bone. Some argue that they don’t have the financial ability to raise a child, some argue that a baby will cause hardships on families. In my opinion those are false and feeble arguments. For married couples there is a wide selection of very affective birth control. Birth control is not expensive. For unmarried couples in addition to birth control there is abstinence.

There are options for all women other than abortion. The waiting lists for couples wishing to adopt from agencies are very long. There are many couples willing to do private adoptions. If a woman doesn’t want her baby, there is no need to kill it. There are plenty of women who would take that baby and love it and raise it to be a beloved, productive adult.

Certain birds are protected. If a person is caught killing or harming a protected bird, there are serious consequences. Some bird killings carry jail time in addition to a monetary fine. Children cannot pick wild flowers lest they upset the ecosystem. Industry is halted, causing much unemployment, just to save a certain bird, owl, or frog. But unwanted babies are killed with no penalty at all. Other than the mental anguish the mother will most likely suffer in later life.

Under Obama care our own health care will not be a choice. We will not have the ability to choose what kind of health care we need or will receive. We will have no choice. Liberals who are pro abortion talk about choice. They want the right to choose whether or not they should have an abortion. They want to be free to choose. Will Obama care provide abortions upon demand? At taxpayer expense?

I quote a post on Facebook by Karen Anderson, Walsh County Commissioner:

“An abortion does not make you unpregnant, it makes you the mother of a dead baby.”

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